Worldwide: children are less and less fit

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Children's fitness is rapidly declining

To determine to what extent children's fitness has changed around the world, scientists have analyzed a total of 50 studies from 28 countries on the subject. The result: children are no longer as fit as their parents were 30 years ago. For their investigation, the researchers used studies from 1976 to 2010 from all continents and received data from over 25 million children aged 9 to 17 years. Among other things, these studies focused on how fast children can run a certain distance and how far they can get in a given time. The tests lasted an average of 5 to 15 minutes and covered a distance of half a to two miles. The experts presented their results to the public at the renowned conference of the American Heart Association.

Trends towards cardiovascular diseases According to this, the endurance of children declined by about five percent per decade, which in turn is accompanied by a decrease in cardiovascular fitness. This trend could have serious consequences in the future and increase the likelihood of cardiovascular diseases, said health scientist Grant Tomkinson from the University of South Australia in Adelaide.

From Germany, too, data from running tests of over 2000 children between the ages of nine and ten were included in the analysis. However, this data was collected between 1988 and 1999 and is not up to date. The endurance of German children has decreased by around six percent during this period. In the United States and Canada, the figure was 8 percent.

If you compare the data of the analysis with the results of the parents in their adolescence, it is noticeable that the children are about 15 percent less fit. According to Tomkinson, the causes have social as well as physical factors. In up to 60 percent of cases, the results are explained with an increase in body fat.

"Young people can be fit in different ways," said Tomkinson. But not all types of fitness also promote a good cardiovascular system. For good health, you should be able to walk a longer distance without getting out of breath. (fr)

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