Better leave the seat heating off

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Better to leave the seat heating off / drink a lot against cystitis / men also go into menopause

The immune system does not work so well in winter, which is why many are bothered by infections in the cold season. But not only colds are common, bladder infections also mainly occur during this time. Cold is not dangerous in itself, but it makes the body more sensitive. This tries to protect itself from heat loss by contracting blood vessels in the mucous membranes. As a result, mucous membranes are no longer supplied with blood, which weakens the immune system. But fatigue is also one of the typical winter phenomena. However, Dr. knows the best winter tips Reinhold Schaefer, urologist and medical director of the Uro-GmbH North Rhine medical network:

Tip: Dressing warmly protects against bladder infections Many people, especially women, often suffer from bladder infections, especially in winter. When the abdomen and feet cool down, immune systems no longer work properly and bacteria can penetrate the body more easily. "Especially in women, pathogens get into the bladder more easily because of a shorter urethra," Dr. Schaefer out. “In addition, many people drink too little on cold days. Because of this, the bladder membranes dry out, which means that bacteria settle and multiply even faster. ”A preventative measure is to drink a lot to rinse out bacteria and to give them no chance of nesting. In addition, always keep your feet and abdomen warm and go to a toilet as soon as possible if you have to urinate.

Tip: Exercise and healthy eating against fatigue At the age of 35, hormone budgets change in men and have an impact on sex life, fertility and mood. For example, fatigue, erectile dysfunction and increasing belly fat speak for testosterone deficiency. Since there are no hormone replacement therapies, urologists advise that menopausal symptoms are countered by healthy eating and exercise. These tips are particularly important in winter, as dark days generally lead to fatigue and a drop in mood. Adequate exercise is therefore at the top of the to-do list for health-conscious men, despite the cold and wet conditions. Because too little sporting activity combined with Christmas festivities additionally increase side effects such as fatigue and lower libido.

Tip: Even if it's good - skip the seat heating When icy winds blow outside and temperatures drop below zero, men in the car like to turn the heating up and switch on the seat heating. But the comforting warmth of the seat heating adversely affects the fertility of the man - if only temporarily. "It is true that testicles cannot tolerate strong heat and the optimal temperature for unrestricted semen production is below body temperature," explains Dr. Shepherd. "For permanent damage, however, it would be necessary to overheat for weeks or months." However, it is possible that exposure to heat for hours or a hot bath briefly reduces the sperm quality. (pm)

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