Always store pears in the dark

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Store pears dark after purchase

Nowadays, fruit can be bought all year round regardless of the harvest time. So that the freshness is not lost and enjoyment remains guaranteed, you should pay attention to a lot during storage. There are special tips for storing pears.

The Rhenish Provincial Association of Fruit and Vegetable Farmers in Bonn recommends storing pears in dark and cool places, because the fruits ripen quickly. The optimal storage temperature is zero to one degree. Pears can usually be stored in the refrigerator, packed in a perforated bag in the existing drawers. It is of course best to eat or process the goods quickly after purchase.

The harvesting process stops the building process and the contents such as sugar, starch and fruit acid are converted to carbon dioxide and water. The enzymes contained in the pear also break down the vitamins and flavorings it contains. Pears are very sensitive to pressure and should not be squeezed during transport. Due to the lower acidity, pears are more digestible than apples. Most minerals and vitamins are in the shell and should always be eaten. The many fibers have a digestive effect and the potassium contained has a draining property. (fr)

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