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Runners should have two pairs of change shoes

When buying footwear, athletes should make sure that the shoe gives the foot stability and does not weigh it down, Professor Ingo Froböse from the Center for Health at the German Sport University Cologne explains to the news agency "dpa".

Shoes should have a flexible sole. The expert also recommends a flexible sole that should give way especially in the area of ​​the forefoot. A cushioning of the shoe is also important, but it should not be so strong that it influences the natural movement behavior of the runner. For some people, depending on the type of run, a pronation support is also useful.

Froböse explains that anyone who trains several times a week should have at least two pairs of changing running shoes. Because like a human being, the shoe needs a regeneration time of at least 48 hours. If the running quality of the shoe deteriorates noticeably, a new pair should be purchased. "You often only notice that when you wear a new shoe on your foot," Froböse reports to the news agency. Depending on the weight of the runner, there would be time for a new pair of running shoes after 500 to 800 kilometers at the latest. It is important to buy the new shoe in the evening, as the foot also spreads while jogging during the day.

Pay attention to adequate stress when running Running is healthy - but only if your own physical limits are observed. As early as 2011, a study commissioned by the AOK health insurance company showed that excessive physical exertion while running could negate the supposed benefits of physical activity.

On the one hand, wrong footwear can lead to joint damage. On the other hand, other possible health problems caused by running are now being discussed. Regular overwork can cause severe permanent fatigue, fatigue and fatigue. As a result, muscular problems and cardiovascular problems arise. Runners should therefore always train within their physical limits. If you have problems during or after running, you should always get a medical examination. The complaints often disappear as a result of a change in the training plan. (ag)

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