Corn with mold poison delivered to Emsland

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Farms in Emsland supplied with contaminated feed maize

Warning of mold poison in feed corn. The Lower Saxony Ministry of Agriculture announced on Monday that a Dutch "feed company has delivered a batch of maize contaminated with the mold poison aflatoxin to a compound feed manufacturer in the Emsland district". The Lower Saxony authorities were informed of this by a corresponding quick warning from the Netherlands on Friday evening.

According to the Lower Saxony Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection, the maize contaminated with the mold poison comes from "Bulgaria, Romania, Poland and Serbia and was first brought to Rotterdam via Romania." According to the current investigation, four dairy farmers in the Emsland district were taken from the compound feed manufacturer who had taken the maize with possibly contaminated feed. If aflatoxin-containing maize has actually been fed to the cows, there is a risk that there will be residues in the milk, which in the worst case can also be dangerous for consumers. Therefore, milk samples were immediately taken from the four farms in Emsland and the processing of the milk produced here was prohibited until the results of the tests were available. However, the Emsland district has given the all-clear.

Mold poison in maize is no unknown problem
The problem of maize deliveries from the Balkan countries contaminated with mold poison is by no means a surprising new publication for the authorities. In its current press release, the Lower Saxony Ministry of Agriculture also referred to the "General feed law decree to protect against the dangers of aflatoxin B1 in feed from maize harvested in Bulgaria, Romania and Poland in 2012". Many feed manufacturers bridged the bottlenecks in 2012 with feed corn from Bulgaria, Poland, Romania and Serbs. This also led to the recently uncovered scandal of contaminated maize from Serbia, which was apparently delivered to thousands of companies in Germany. The authorities seized around 35,000 tons of the contaminated maize in Brake and Lower Saxony, but around 10,000 tons had already been delivered to the companies. In Serbia, the authorities had withdrawn milk products from several manufacturers at the end of February because an increased concentration of aflatoxin residues was demonstrated. (fp)

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