31 children with vomiting diarrhea in the hospital

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Massive diarrhea from children in a daycare center near Halle (Sangershausen). So far, 31 children have had to be hospitalized due to acute diarrhea and severe vomiting. According to the health authorities, "the cause has not yet been identified".

In Sangerhausen, a total of 31 children had to be moved from a kindergarten to a clinic. All suffered from severe diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. "The cause is still unclear," said a spokesman for the Mansfeld-Südharz district on Friday. Maybe it was because of the food. Germs, viruses or other toxic substances in the food could be responsible there.

The daycare center had alerted the emergency service at noon and the health department. Several children between the ages of two and six suddenly had vomiting diarrhea. As a result, all children were examined by emergency doctors and given medical care. Paramedics then took the toddlers to the nearest hospital.

The other children should also be examined immediately. The daycare center asked the parents to do this. The parents should bring their little ones to the clinic. Especially in very young patients, diarrhea, which occurs at the same time as vomiting, is particularly dangerous because the children can quickly suffer from so-called "internal dehydration". For this reason, children are put on the drip and supplied with electrolytes in a relatively short time.

Children had never eaten lunch
Initial surveys of the daycare supervisors have shown that the children have not yet eaten lunch. According to the authorities, "the official doctor, district veterinary office and food inspector were involved in the investigation to find out what triggered it," said a spokesman.

In the day care center operated by the city of Sangerhausen, a total of 130 children are looked after in the crèche and kindergarten. “But only kindergarten is affected by vomiting diarrhea.” The number of children in the facility at the time of the outbreak is still unclear. The fact is, however, that no educator is affected by the symptoms.

Until the cause is clearly known, parents, educators and relatives of the sick children should adhere to the usual hygiene measures. "This includes intensive hand washing, not just after going to the toilet". To deal directly with the children, parents, doctors and nursing staff will wear mouth and nose protection and protective gloves. All surfaces that came into contact with the infected are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. A separate toilet is installed in the clinic. (sb)

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