Chinese medicine for back pain

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Chinese medicine provides lasting relief from back pain

Hardly any other clinical picture manifests itself as varied and excruciating as back pain. Affected people report pulling, stinging or boring pain in the neck, in the middle of the back or in the pelvic region. In Germany alone, the backbone is becoming painfully more common in 80 percent of the population - mainly due to a lack of exercise and one-sided stress. The cause is blockages, tension, inflammatory processes or wear. Conservative therapies such as heat or red light treatments, physiotherapeutic measures or medication usually temporarily relieve the symptoms, but usually fall short. Back surgery also often does not result in permanent pain relief. Chinese medicine, on the other hand, is not only looking for the trigger in functional or biomechanical disorders, but often finds a starting point for sustainable therapy far from the painful body region.

Often, the cause can be found and treated in a completely different place "Malpositions and wear of bones and joints cannot be adequately explained using purely mechanical models," explains Dr. Christian Schmincke, TCM expert and head of the clinic at the Steigerwald. "They often go back to faulty muscle tension, which in turn mostly reflects a psychological state of mind." Almost everyone knows low back pain due to mental overload or neck tension due to pressure to perform. In addition to this psychomotor aspect, Chinese medicine also includes muscle metabolism and connective tissue or general internal processes of the body. Thereafter, circulatory disorders or possible slagging represent further important aspects for the development of painful back problems. "The tissue can only maintain its strength, elasticity and adaptability if the muscles and connective tissue are properly supplied and disposed of," emphasizes Dr. Schmincke.

This is where Chinese medicine therapy comes into play. The treatment of the belly - mind you not of the back - with individually composed recipes from herbal ingredients gets important rejection processes going. The herbal boil boiled up as decoctions help to release causal blockages on the front and back and to bring the energy flow in the body back into balance. Complementary biological healing methods such as cupping or leeching also apply. Acupuncture and active body therapies such as Tuina massages and Qi Gong also help to relieve stuck tension patterns and relieve pain. "Around 70 percent of those with chronic back ailments experience a lasting improvement in symptoms after more than two years after treatment according to Chinese guiding criteria and need significantly less medication," reports Dr. Schmincke. If you want to make a contribution to relieving or even preventing back problems, the expert recommends measures to relieve the metabolism. So: especially in the evening, eat little, little alcohol, no nicotine, little coffee and less meat, sausage and protein-rich milk products. The short-term waiver often helps to achieve a noticeable effect. (pm)

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