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Natural remedies help against nausea during pregnancy

Duchess Kate Middleton's hospitalization due to severe pregnancy sickness caused a sensation in the media. The phenomenon overcomes thousands of pregnant women in a weakened form. Given the current public interest, the president of the professional association of gynecologists has pointed out the risks of excessive vomiting during pregnancy and has given tips for alleviating the symptoms.

Kate Middleton's pregnancy became public early on due to her hospital admission. Prince William's wife apparently suffered from such severe nausea and vomiting that there was a risk to her and the unborn child. Although this extreme form of nausea is rather rare, many pregnant women are familiar with the recurring vomiting attacks in a more harmless form. The president of the professional association of gynecologists, Christian Albring, explained to the news agency "dpa" which measures to take to prevent nausea in a simple manner.

Gestational nausea due to hormonal changes? According to the statement, affected pregnant women should consume five to six small meals a day, whereby the following applies: "The less the woman eats, the better she chews, the better she digests." Furthermore, Albring recommends that women who take Pregnancy struggles with nausea and vomiting, eating only what they really like. Otherwise, they have to vomit faster, the doctor said. Albring cited the hormonal changes in the body of the pregnant woman as the cause of the recurrent nausea. Nausea often occurs especially in the morning, but women may also suffer throughout the day. According to the expert, the nausea of ​​pregnancy usually started "between the sixth and fourteenth week of pregnancy" and "only occurs very rarely afterwards."

Severe vomiting a risk for pregnant women and their unborn child The extreme form of nausea that caused Kate Middleton's hospitalization only affects, according to the expert, only "two to three percent of women." "Said Albring. With repeated violent vomiting, however, the women lose a great deal of fluid and vital nutrients, which, depending on the length of pregnancy nausea, could be dangerous for the expectant mother and then also for the child, the gynecologist explained. If the vomiting attacks last for several days, it is necessary to compensate for the loss of fluid through infusions in the hospital. Those affected receive sufficient fluid and nutrients through a drip and the digestive tract is relieved. Afterwards, the patients “slowly get a little more solid food until they get used to it,” explained the expert.

Countermeasures for nausea during pregnancy The president of the professional association of gynecologists named, for example, multiple pregnancies, slight overweight and the first pregnancy of a woman as risk factors for severe nausea. A pregnant woman can also counteract the slight forms of nausea with over-the-counter dietary supplements based on vitamin B6. The experts also recommend ginger as tea, in capsules or pure. In general, those affected should drink as much as possible and avoid carbonated drinks as much as possible. In addition, Albring advises the affected pregnant women to consume a lot of carbohydrates and to avoid fatty or acidic foods. Since the nausea is often already triggered by smells, those affected should also ventilate frequently and avoid exposing themselves to strong smells, such as from cooked dishes or the contents of the refrigerator, the gynecologist explained. In naturopathy, acupuncture and acupressure are successfully used to combat pregnancy sickness.

Kate Middleton on the mend The Duchess Kate Middleton has apparently almost overcome her severe pregnancy sickness. In the meantime, her health is improving again, but she should remain in the hospital for a few more days for observation, the British media report, and it is expected that Prince William's wife will be able to return home on Friday. (fp)

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