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The number of fatal cardiovascular diseases in Germany is falling sharply

The number of deaths due to cardiovascular diseases is steadily decreasing in Germany. This was announced by the German Cardiac Society (DHK) at its autumn conference in Hamburg. The high chances of survival of the patients are primarily due to the modern, improved treatment methods.

More male cardiac deaths due to heart attack "Mortality from the most widespread cardiovascular diseases is declining sharply in Germany, and the proportion of fatal heart diseases in all diseases is steadily decreasing," said DHK President Georg Ertl at the annual conference. "Between the end of the 1990s and 2010, mortality from acute heart attacks and ischemic heart diseases - diseases as a result of poor blood circulation - decreased by around 20 percent in Germany."

While around 76,000 people died from a heart attack in 1998, acute cardiovascular disease ended in fatally in 2010 for only 55,500 patients. "Mortality from cardiovascular diseases fluctuates widely depending on the region," explains Ertl. For example, the death rate in 2010 based on all deaths in Baden-Württemberg for chronic ischemic heart diseases was 7.2 percent and for acute heart attacks 6.5 percent, while in Saxony-Anhalt 11.3 percent and 8.5 percent for this heart Circulatory diseases.

While men (7.5 percent) do not survive heart attacks more often than women (5.5 percent), heart failure leads to death more often in women (7.2 percent) than in men (3.9 percent).

Better treatment options for cardiovascular diseases According to the DHK, the declining number of cardiac deaths is inextricably linked to advances in cardiology and cardiac surgery. "Dealing with such innovative treatment methods requires a sensible and efficient use, which deals with questions of quality assurance, cost effectiveness and evidence-based", explains Ertl. (ag)

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