Every fourth child wants more dad time

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A quarter of the children in Germany want more dad activities

One in four children in Germany would spend more time playing with their dad. However, because fathers are still the main financial providers of the family, time is often lacking. This has been shown by a representative study commissioned by Bausparkasse LBS. In addition to playing, the children also want to do cooking, exercise and baking as dad activities. Fulfilling the wishes of the children is a "real challenge" for many young fathers, as it was said.

A lot is said about adults in Germany about children. But the children themselves often do not have a say. The LBS Children's Barometer has therefore been examining children's emotional well-being for several years. It emerged that around a quarter of the children in Germany complain about the lack of coexistence with their fathers, according to the current "Kinderbarometer" study by the Bausparkasse LBS. Accordingly, the children would like to play more with their fathers, cook, play sports or even bake. The wishes of the children are quite different when it comes to spending their free time together, as a spokesman for the Landesbausparkasse said.

Children want more dad activities
According to the survey results, around 40 percent of 9- to 14-year-old children would like to spend more time playing with their dad. Cooking or baking together took second place with 34 percent of the children surveyed. About 33 percent of the little ones asked to do more sport together. In fourth place was handicrafts and crafts, each with 18 percent.

The joint accomplishment of school work was not very popular. Only 23 percent of the children would do this task with their father. Every fifth child, on the other hand, would like to discuss everyday problems or experiences with dad.

Difficult compatibility with work and family
Many fathers can hardly fulfill their children's wishes. According to the LBS, it would be particularly difficult for younger fathers to combine the desire to have children and family life with the high pressure of expectations in the world of work.

Since 1997, the LBS has regularly surveyed up to 10,000 children on the subject of living environment, leisure, school, family life and current political and social events. The respondents attend the 4th to 7th grades of all school types. The main aim of the study is to examine the well-being of children in Germany. (sb)

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