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Health check attached before cycling

Before seniors go cycling for the first time in the season, they should first have a health check with the doctor. "Then you know where your current health is and what you can do," explains Sabine Kind from the German University for Prevention and Health Management Saarbrücken.

Seniors shouldn't overestimate themselves when cycling. When the weather is nice, many people get on their bikes. However, senior citizens in particular should take some precautions. "It makes sense to have a health check with a doctor," advises Sabine Kind. The expert also recommends having vaccinations against tick bites, for example, refreshed. "Start with small, level stretches, for example 30 minutes with a moderate cadence of around 70 revolutions per minute and expand You do this every week by 10 minutes, "explains Kind, who is also a lecturer in health promotion at the BSA Academy in Saarbrücken. Sunscreen is required on every bike tour, even when the sky is overcast. Light, airy, breathable clothing and plenty of fluids are also important.

Kind also advises to have a cell phone with you just in case. In the event of an accident or a breakdown, calls can be made quickly. "Be sure to let someone in your area know which tour you want to take."

Always wear a bicycle helmet when cycling Before you start, the bike should be checked by a specialist and made fit for driving. A helmet with TÜV, GS and CE seals is also essential to protect the head, explains Kind. Without a helmet, cyclists risk a skull fracture in the event of a fall, which is why it is imperative to ensure adequate head protection. According to the Stiftung Warentest, however, the bicycle helmets are rarely popular due to their often out-of-date design. Young people would be much more willing to wear helmets in other trend sports such as snowboarding or skating. Unfortunately, this attitude has not yet prevailed when cycling. However, new designs of modern bike helmets could possibly help. (ag)

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