Hypertension: Measure blood pressure every 50 months

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German Heart Foundation: From the age of 50, have your blood pressure measured twice a year

Hypertension is hardly noticed by those affected, which is why doctors call excessive blood pressure "quiet death on installments". Arterial hypertension, as hypertension is called in medical terminology, is very dangerous because of its sequelae, because the risk of cardiovascular diseases increases continuously in the long run. The renowned German Heart Foundation therefore advises regular blood pressure measurements, especially at an advanced age.

High blood pressure is one of the most important common diseases in Germany and is one of the most common symptoms, especially in old age and overweight. Different estimates assume that between 18 and 35 million people nationwide suffer from high blood pressure, as the German Heart Foundation in Frankfurt am Main announced during this year's World Hypertension Day on May 17.

Hypertension usually does not cause any symptoms. Most patients do not notice that their blood pressure is too high because hypertension causes no or hardly noticeable symptoms for years. Therefore, high blood pressure remains untreated in many people, which can have serious health consequences. In the worst case, the hypertensive could endure a stroke, a heart attack or a significant hearing loss. Prevention can be taken with simple means, as the cardiologists report to the foundation.

The top priority should be to control blood pressure so that it is also recognized whether there is hypertension. A one-time high blood pressure does not have to mean that high blood pressure actually exists. Only with a 24 hour measurement can the family doctor or internist make a clear diagnosis. If, however, the blood pressure is significantly increased during a single measurement, an examination should be carried out by the family doctor. The German Heart Foundation recommends that blood pressure be measured at least once a year from the age of 40. From the age of 50, the blood pressure should be measured every six months.

In addition to a genetic predisposition, an unhealthy lifestyle increases the risk of high blood pressure. If unhealthy lifestyles are thrown overboard, the risk of illness is significantly reduced. A healthy lifestyle is not only important in prevention but also in the course of therapy.

Healthy lifestyle reduces blood pressure risk It is important to pay attention to the diet. "The best prevention is a healthy lifestyle," says the German Heart Foundation. Anyone who regularly does endurance sports, drinks little alcohol, limits salt consumption and provides stress with relaxation exercises such as yoga is on the right side.

Being overweight is considered an essential risk factor. With the help of the Mediterranean diet, the superfluous kilos can be broken down in the long term. Even with hypertension that has already been acquired, it has often been observed that changes in lifestyle significantly lower blood pressure values. This is the only way to avoid complications such as heart attack, diabetes and stroke.

The German Heart Foundation has published an information magazine entitled "Tips for high blood pressure". It can be requested free of charge from the German Heart Foundation, Vogtstrasse 50, 60322 Frankfurt am Main. (sb)

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