Futurologist: Sex and relationships change

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Futurologist: Sex and partnership change

Researchers at the Kelkheim Institute for Future Research predict that traditional partnerships will subside. Instead, according to the diary, relationships with multiple partners or partnerships without sex life would become more and more socially relevant. While Christian morals are waning, the Internet is playing a mediating role. Real niches in terms of love and sexuality are becoming more and more relevant.

Farewell to traditional partnerships and role models According to futurologists, traditional partnerships and role models play an ever less important role in our society. For this, relationships that are contractually agreed, casual sex without mutual commitment or sex according to the diary will be more and more popular. Even partnerships without sex are steadily increasing, as the future scientists from Kelkheim report in their in-house journal “Trend Update”. "Love practices that have long been stigmatized as a moral decline are moving from the margins of society to the mainstream," Andreas Steinle from the Frankfurt Future Institute told press representatives in Kelkheim. According to Steinle, moral ideas, such as those shaped by the Christian churches for example, are continuously diminishing. Individually "negotiated dates" increasingly determine couple life in Germany.

Infidelities lose the stigma of fraud
Already in 2007 the institute had predicted in its study "Sexstyles" that in the coming years "leaps and bounds will increasingly lose the stigma of cheating and morally reprehensible." Above all, people who are in the middle of their lives will be asked about sexual issues "Liberal, more conciliatory, less dogmatic and contemptible to deal with."

In the future, however, the researchers believe that asexual partnerships without sex as well as polyamorous relationships with different relationships that are run in parallel will be practiced more and more frequently. However, these forms will differ from the partner changes associated with heartache and jealousy. "An important factor with such arrangements is that they are based on voluntary and transparency," explains the expert. Nevertheless, the traditional relationship between two people remains the defining model, even if it is no longer as dominant as it is today.

Answer to emancipation and professional stress Everyday professional life and the same will to pursue careers of both genders let the "sex according to the diary" come to the fore. It's an answer to stress, high workload, child rearing, care, and lack of time, the researcher says. "This is reinforced by mobility." In such situations, psychotherapists are increasingly advising to arrange a sexual act in order to regain the intimacy that once existed.

New relationship models also emerge in the nuances of love and friendship. In a friendship familiarity then "occasional sex" occurs. Uncomplicated sex without mutual obligations is possible and already practiced. There are no mutual moral, domestic or financial obligations.

Internet as an amplifier The simplified form of communication through the Internet makes it easier for people with their various and sometimes special inclinations and preferences to find their potential partners. With these future developments, the Internet acts like “an amplifier,” says Steinle. In addition, smaller niches and marginal phenomena would gain public awareness through the Internet, which was previously not possible in the form. Even small movements, visions and models could grow. But the traditional partnership model is also very successful on the web. Already 25 percent of all adults living in Germany find their partner through a single portal. Almost 7.8 million people are regularly on one of these numerous existing Internet portals. "Today we see a new counter and search movement, catalyzed by the Internet and this time supported by intellectual women who, with equal rights, are also demanding the right to erotic self-determination." . "(Sb)

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