Radon heat therapy for back pain

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Radon heat therapy provides relief for many people with back pain

Chronic back pain affects people of all ages and affects the quality of life enormously. The constant pulling and stinging makes every movement a pain and spoils the joy of everything. In periods of rest, the complaints often increase and rob many of those affected by sleep. In order to get relief, they adopt protective attitudes and thus get into a vicious circle. Despite elaborate diagnostic methods, there are usually no concrete causes for pinching in the cross. Pain relievers often only help to a limited extent and often have side effects. A hopeless state for many. However, with radon heat therapy there is a natural alternative.

“Radon, a naturally occurring substance, helps the body repair cells and inhibits inflammation and pain messengers. It also relieves severe lower back pain through the skin and lungs, ”says PD Dr. Bertram Hölzl, radon expert and medical director of the Gasteiner Heilstollen. In addition, there is an increased release of the endorphins known as happiness hormones. Radon tunnels usually offer radon therapies as cures, in which patients drive into a mountain and absorb radon there for about an hour. The positive effects of radon can be further enhanced by high temperatures between 37.5 and 41.5 degrees and high humidity over 70 percent. Then experts speak of radon heat therapy.

Such a tropical climate leads to a slight overheating of the body. In response, he tries to produce evaporative cold by sweating and thus to cool the skin. However, if the ambient air is saturated with moisture, the sweat cannot evaporate and the body core temperature rises to values ​​of up to 38.5 degrees. Experts speak of mild hyperthermia, which leads to a relaxation of pain-affected back muscles. In addition, when the body is slightly warmed, the radon absorption in the body increases, and with it the effect of the natural remedy radon.

"Experience has shown that mobility after radon heat therapy improves significantly and that symptoms also subside on average for around 9 months even when at rest," reports Dr. Hölzl. After two weeks of treatment, many of those affected do not even need any tablets at all and feel much more comfortable overall. "Patients with spinal disorders in particular are almost without exception very satisfied with the feasibility and pain-relieving effects of the therapy," he knows from accompanying scientific studies. In addition, the treating health centers offer physiotherapy, massages, TCM services, medical pain therapy and a variety of other measures. From a medical point of view, this holistic concept, in which radon heat therapy is embedded, plays an important role in the treatment of chronic back pain. (pm)

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