Willingness to donate organs increases

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Willingness in the population to donate organs is increasing

The parliamentary groups agreed on a new regulation on the issue of organ donation. If the so-called decision solution comes into effect, a significantly increased willingness to donate can be expected. This was evidenced by recent poll results from the Bertelsmann Foundation and the Barmer GEK.

Bundestag parliamentary groups agree on compromise On November 24, the Bundestag parliamentary groups in the Bundestag agreed with the Federal Minister of Health on a compromise, which includes that every citizen should give his consent or rejection of organ donation after death. This could be done, for example, when health cards are issued.

Two thirds of those surveyed would be willing to donate organs. The Bertelsmann Foundation and Barmer GEK conducted a representative survey in April and May 2011. A total of 1,778 people were asked in writing about their willingness to donate organs and other topics. 69 percent of those surveyed stated that the compromise between the Bundestag faction and organ donation would increase the general willingness to donate. It is very likely that 66 percent of those surveyed would actually consent to organ donation. Of the survey participants who do not currently have an organ donation card, 60 percent would probably or certainly agree to donate an organ.

Dr. Brigitte Mohn, board member of the Bertelsmann Foundation, and Dr. Christoph Straub, CEO of BARMER GEK, reports: "The approval ratings are extremely positive." Now, large-scale awareness campaigns by the German government are necessary, Staub continued of the German Foundation for Organ Transplantation, around 12,000 people are waiting for a donor organ. In 2010, 1296 people donated organs after their death. (ag)

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