Dortmund primary school closed due to norovirus

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Elementary school in Dortmund closed due to norovirus?

In Dortmund, the norovirus probably paralyzed an entire school. Numerous students showed the typical norovirus symptoms such as circulatory problems, dizziness, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting.

After the number of "illnesses with gastrointestinal symptoms" among pupils of the elementary school Kleine Kielstrasse in Dortmund rose to 109 on Monday, the head teacher Gisela Schultebraucks-Burgkart decided in consultation with the health department to close the school until Thursday inclusive, so the announcement of the city of Dortmund. The cause of the health complaints among the students is believed to be a norovirus infection.

Elementary school closed due to viral diseases The head of the Dortmund Health Department, Dr. Annette Düsterhaus is quoted in current media reports as saying that she has never personally experienced the spread of a virus infection in such a short time and in such a mass at just one school. However, "there is no cause for concern," according to Dr. Annette Düsterhaus in the official press release of the city of Dortmund. Nevertheless, the school remains closed due to the risk of infection. As the health director further explained, “the infection is most likely a viral disease that is very contagious; but does not lead to serious complications in otherwise healthy children or adults. "

In the event of diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, see a pediatrician In order to prevent the spread of diseases with gastrointestinal symptoms, the health department has not only temporarily closed the school, but also disinfection measures in the school, which started at the weekend. In addition, the parents were informed about how to deal with the virus infections in an information letter. The health department advises parents whose children show signs of diarrhea, nausea and vomiting not only urgently to see a pediatrician, but also emphasizes the need for “stool examinations, which could perhaps provide information about what is happening.” According to Düsterhaus, the pupils concerned have already received “stool tubes for the stool sample test”. "The samples are examined for germs by an institute", however, the "results can only be expected in a few days", according to Dr. Dark house. In addition, the Veterinary Examination Office was activated for safety, which should support the Health Office in the search for the causes of the disease.

Cause of gastrointestinal diseases so far unclear Next Friday, when the school starts operating again, according to the health department, all students should be asked individually about any symptoms that may still exist, and only children who are symptom-free can take part in the class. In addition, "to be on the safe side and at home, all hygiene measures that must be followed in the case of contagious gastrointestinal diseases" must be observed, since it is not yet known what the disease is, according to the press release from the city of Dortmund. Although there is suspicion of infection with the norovirus, it has not yet been officially confirmed. The city also said that it still needs to be clarified whether and how contagious the disease is. The all-clear can therefore not yet be given. Speculation about a possible transmission of pathogens through the school food distribution was led by the head of the health department, Dr. Annette Düsterhaus, cleared out early. "It can be assumed that school lunches are not the cause of these waves of infection," said the expert. Dr. Düsterhaus added: "The hygienic conditions on site were perfect" and, moreover, "by no means all sick children would have taken part in the meals." What is the cause of the illnesses with gastrointestinal symptoms and whether, according to the Robert Koch Institute, for one Most of the non-bacterial contagious gastrointestinal inflammation in children and adults responsible for norovirus has played a role, the upcoming studies must show. (fp)

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