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Private health insurance: 20 percent more full insurance through health care reform

The Association of Private Health Insurance (PKV) presented the business figures for 2010 and the first forecasts for 2011. It becomes clear that the healthcare reform passed in favor of private health insurance has weighed on a significant increase in the industry. Around 54,000 full private insurance policies were taken out in the first half of 2011. That is an increase of a good 20 percent. Above all, higher earners, who were formerly insured in the statutory health insurance companies, have made a change due to the easier conditions.

As part of the health reform of the black and yellow coalition, the 3-year waiting period for employees was abolished at the urging of the FDP. According to the Association of Private Health Insurers, this has led to a significant “revival of new business”. Around 54,000 people signed a full private health insurance contract in the first half of 2011. This means that new business is more than 20 percent stronger than in the first half of 2010 (44,500 newly insured). The number of privately insured in Germany has risen to approximately 8.95 million people. In addition to the new customer business, more supplementary insurance policies were also sold. At around 119,000, this was also a significantly higher figure than in the same period of the previous year (2010: 77,000). Although the PKV had insisted that statutory health insurance companies should not offer supplementary insurance, the FDP could not assert itself against the Union on this point.

What is a strength for the private insurance industry is a significant weakening for the legal. Because, above all, very well-earning employees have been able to switch to private health insurance much easier since 2011 than was the case before. With the abolition of the three-year period, insured persons no longer have to earn gross on a minimum amount (mandatory limit) on three different cut-off dates, but can switch to private health insurance at the first jump. In this way, the health insurance companies lose valuable contributors and the principle of solidarity is endangered. A change should nevertheless be considered carefully, since a return to the legal after a change is forever denied.

Premium income from private health and long-term care insurance increased by 5.7 percent in 2010 to EUR 33.27 billion. Health insurance accounted for EUR 31.17 billion (plus 6.1 percent) and care insurance for EUR 2.10 billion (plus 1.1 percent). Premium income of EUR 34.90 billion is expected in 2011: EUR 32.76 billion for health and EUR 2.14 billion for long-term care insurance. This is also due to the increase in premiums for private health insurance. (sb)

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