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Warnings against naturopath websites

Finally, our own practice has opened and a web designer has put the new website online. After a few weeks, a paid warning will flutter into the house. It claims that the imprint is incorrect and does not correspond to the German Telemedia Act. Those affected are usually asked to pay the attorney's fees and to issue an injunction. The Bund Deutscher Heilpraktiker e.V. offers all naturopaths support in the creation of a legally compliant imprint.

Alternative practitioner Peter S. did not want to believe his eyes at first. In the letter, he is asked to pay 680 euros because his imprint does not comply with the German Telemedia Act. The client is a competitor who allegedly sees the offense as a violation of competition. First, Peter S. wanted to boycott the matter and just didn't react. "That's a bad idea," said his lawyer at the time, because then additional costs would arise, for example, from an injunction. Therefore, warnings should not be taken lightly and checked by a lawyer who specializes in online law. The latter can then advise the client on how to proceed. Most of the time, at least the cease-and-desist declaration should be modified, because the opposing party often formulates claims that are too extensive. Here too, extreme caution is advisable! Once the cease and desist declaration is signed, the claims contained therein must also be complied with. If, in the opposing side's view, the claims in the signed injunction are not met, there are further very high fines in four to five-digit numbers.

Make imprint reminder-proof
To prevent this from happening, the Bund Deutscher Heilpraktiker e.V. has set up a free service that can be used independently of an association membership. In a message it says: “The BDH offers all colleagues, regardless of their affiliation, the opportunity to generate a legally compliant legal notice for their own homepage.

And that's how it works:
- Go to the BDH homepage at www.bdh-online.de.
- If you haven't already done so, register for free.
- Then click on Service, then on HP Law and Law and then on Imprint Generator.

Fill out the form that is now visible on your screen, click on generate and your personal imprint will appear, which you can copy and paste on your homepage. The service is aimed at all naturopaths and aspirants and is free of charge.

Not only a faulty imprint can be warned. Caution is also advised when using pictures and texts. Anyone who does not have a complete right of use can also be warned. If you are not sure whether you actually have the copyrights or rights of use, you should not use the texts or photos on your own website. (sb)

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