Health status of Germans worsened

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Health Barometer 2011 registered a deterioration in health

The state of health of the population in Germany has deteriorated significantly in the past ten years. The pharmacy cooperation Vivesco presented the Health Barometer 2011 in Berlin on Tuesday, which registers a significant increase both in the area of ​​mental illnesses and in conditions such as diabetes, obesity (obesity) and elevated cholesterol levels.

The health barometer 2011 of Vivesco Apotheken-Partner GmbH, a cooperation of around 1,100 pharmacies throughout Germany and subsidiaries of the pharmaceutical wholesaler Andreae-Noris Zahn AG (ANZAG) comes to the conclusion that health is based on the evaluation of pharmacist surveys and sales of medicines of Germans has deteriorated significantly in recent years. For the next ten years, the statements made by the pharmacists suggest a further increase in diseases.

Significant increase in depression, diabetes and obesity In the 2011 Health Barometer survey, the 444 pharmacists surveyed indicated that a large proportion of the diseases surveyed had increased significantly. 97 percent of pharmacists said that the frequency of depression had increased noticeably, 76 percent of the respondents even described the increase as a significant increase. In addition, 67 percent of those surveyed said that obesity is much more widespread today than it was ten years ago. 63 percent of pharmacists said this also applies to diabetes and 88 percent saw similar problems with high cholesterol. In the case of diseases such as osteoporosis or heartburn, however, only 40 percent of the pharmacists surveyed were convinced that they had increased. Overall, however, the pharmacists' assessment offers considerable cause for concern, especially since another significant increase in most of the diseases surveyed is forecast for the next ten years.

Health awareness of Germans has improved In the surveys conducted as part of the 2011 Health Barometer, pharmacists were asked to rate the development of so-called common diseases over the past ten years on a scale. The Freiburg economist Professor Dr. Bernd Raffelhüschen the results of the pharmacist survey. The expert not only noticed a significant increase in most diseases in recent years, but Dr. Raffelhüschen continued to paint a gloomy picture based on the pharmacist's information for the coming years. However, the health barometer was also able to present a gratifying result: well over half of the pharmacists surveyed noticed that patients' health awareness was growing. (fp)

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