Loyalty in partnerships is very important

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Loyalty is most important to Germans in partnerships

Relationships have hardly changed in the past ten years. A majority of Germans still believe that loyalty is the most important part of a harmonious and happy relationship. At least that was the result of a representative survey by the GFK on behalf of the Apotheken Umschau.

Loyalty is most important in partnerships
Men and women are almost equally of the opinion that loyalty in a partnership is the most important thing. This was said by 64 percent of men and 65 percent of women during the GFK survey. The comparison to a survey from two years ago with the same question reveals that little has changed in this attitude. Back then, 65 percent of respondents said that loyalty was the most important element of a relationship. Joint and intensive discussions have been much more present since then. In 2001, 46 percent of both sexes said conversations were very important. Today it is 52 percent. Fundamental freedoms are also important for 46 percent of the survey participants. In 2001 it was 36 percent. In addition to loyalty, honesty and mutual trust are very important. 61 percent said they considered these attributes important. In 2001, however, it was still 76 percent.

Arguments are part of a harmonious relationship. Arguments are part of every partnership. This view has hardly changed in the past 10 years. Only a small proportion of the respondents think that they should always have the partner's opinion, otherwise they would cause heartache. That said 4 percent (comparison 2001 5 percent. Almost 2600 men and women from the age of 14 participated in the survey. (Sb)

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