High patient dissatisfaction

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One in five patients in North Rhine-Westphalia is dissatisfied with their doctor

According to a survey study, every fifth patient in North Rhine-Westphalia is dissatisfied with his medical treatment. Many complain of a lack of understanding by doctors about the patient's concerns and needs.

One in five is dissatisfied with treatment by a family doctor or specialist in North Rhine-Westphalia. This resulted in a representative survey study by the research and opinion institute Forsa on behalf of the German employee health insurance (DAK). A total of 1000 men and women of all ages were surveyed in the survey. In addition to long waiting times for appointments, many complained of a high level of incomprehension among doctors. Young people in particular were annoyed by the doctor's treatment.

Young people especially dissatisfied
The young age group (18-29 years of age) was particularly annoyed by the waiting times for doctor's appointments. Every second respondent said that the doctor had little time during the consultation and, on top of that, showed little understanding of the patient's concerns. The doctor would often have given too little information about treatment options or therapies. The waiting times were often several days to weeks.

The older respondents showed greater satisfaction. Around 80 percent of those over the age of 60 stated that they felt well treated and cared for. In addition, older patients showed a greater tolerance in appointments. Only one in three said the doctor had too little time and attention.

Health Minister exhorts doctors
The NRW Minister of Health Barbara Steffens (Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen) warned the doctors of the study results to take more time for the treatment. After all, good therapy not only requires good doctors, "but also time and care during treatment," the Minister warned. In addition to diagnostics and therapy, patients also need detailed explanations and discussions to recover. These are often neglected in everyday life. (sb)

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