Broad protest against agro-genetic engineering

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Over 100,000 people are calling for a ban on GM crops in the EU

The allies of Vielfalterleben did not expect such a clear result: Over 100,000 people use their voices to support a public petition against agro-genetic engineering, the subscription period for which ended at midnight last night. Only from 50,000 subscribers within three weeks does the petition committee of the German Bundestag deal with the demands at a public hearing. Felix Prinz zu Löwenstein, chairman of the Federal Organic Food Industry (BÖLW) and petitioner, is expected to discuss in the autumn in the committee a cultivation stop for genetically modified plants in order to provide impulses for corresponding European-wide changes in the law. "Brussels and the German government want to bring GM crops to our fields that are not being properly tested. Inadequate approval practices make agro-genetic engineering a risk technology with unforeseeable consequences for our health and the environment," said Löwenstein.

Since the introduction of public petitions in 2005, only twelve petitions have so far reached 50,000 supporters in the first three weeks. "The extraordinarily great response to our petition shows that people do not want genetic engineering on their fields or on their plates," said Götz E. Rehn, founder and managing director of Alnatura, the initiator of the diverse life. "The result must also be seen against the background will mean that 18,000 to 19,000 petitions are submitted annually! ”Rehn emphasizes. Regarding the lively discussion of the petition with around 960 contributions in the online forum on the petition website, Rehn says: "With diversity, we wanted to initiate citizen participation and the critical discourse in order to show the responsible politicians that agro- Genetic engineering requires acute action. "

Alnatura is significantly involved in the Vielfalterleben initiative (, the central action of which is the petition against agro-genetic engineering. The trading company has brought more than 140 partners on board in order to send a clear signal in the direction of politics. The alliance partners from environmental and consumer protection, food production, processing and trade represent the genetically critical majority of the German population: According to a recent survey by the Federal Environment Ministry in October 2010, 87 percent of German green genetic engineering rejects. (pm)

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