Sugar water does not relieve pain in babies

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Sugar water does not relieve pain in babies.

(07.09.2010) Many parents believe that sugar water calms little babies and relieves pain. The sugar water method is very old and has been handed down from generation to generation. In 2001, doctors recommended parents to drop sugar water on babies' mouths when they were in pain. But can sugar water really relieve the pain of toddlers or babies? The University College in London investigated this question. The result: the pain is in no way alleviated by sugar water. Only the facial expression changes with the sweet taste, but the pain remains.

The scientists around Rebeccah Slater published the results of the study in the specialist journal "The Lancet". A total of 59 newborns took part in the study. In the course of the study, the scientists scratched the heels of the toddlers with a very fine and narrow blade. They monitored the reactions in the brain with the help of electrodes. The babies were divided into two groups of almost the same size. The first group was given sugar water and the second group still water without sugar. The pain activity did not change significantly in each case. Probably the sugar water just calms the babies or distracts them from the pain. (sb)

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