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Warning messages for rising ozone values ​​have been issued in several regions today. High levels of ozone endanger health.

(09.07.2010) Experience has shown that the ozone values ​​increase with rising temperatures. The Bavarian State Office for the Environment today predicted an ozone value of up to 190 micrograms per cubic meter of air. Values ​​from 180 µg / m3 are considered to be harmful to health. The general alarm threshold is 240 micrograms per cubic meter of air. Concerning values ​​were also reported from other regions in Germany. According to the State Environment Agency in Recklinghausen, the critical threshold of 180 micrograms per cubic meter was already exceeded on Thursday. In Hamburg, in some parts of the city (Neugraben), values ​​of over 187 micrograms per cubic meter were also measured. The ozone values ​​are mostly very high, especially in metropolitan areas and busy roads.

Doctors warn sensitive people against physically demanding activities outdoors. Children especially should not play outdoors in the hot midday sun. Elevated or high ozone levels can cause lasting health damage. The ozone gas is irritating to the mucous membranes and the eyes. In some cases, high levels of ozone can damage the respiratory system. Other symptoms may include severe coughing, shortness of breath and rapid heartbeat.

The Federal Environment Agency in Hamburg advised against endurance sports such as jogging. Citizens should leave their car behind and switch to bicycles, buses or trains. If you still need your car, you should at least drive slowly on motorways. As the temperatures drop in the evening, the ozone load also decreases. Therefore strenuous activities should be postponed until the evening hours. (sb)

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