DAK: No additional contributions for those wishing to change?

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Did the DAK try to keep members? Supporters wishing to switch should allegedly be waived of the additional contributions.

According to media reports, the DAK allegedly wanted to keep members who wanted to turn their backs on the health insurance company. According to reports, those willing to switch should be exempted from the additional contribution of eight euros per month. However, this claim is incorrect.

Rather, what is correct is that there was only an uncoordinated, regionally limited process in the first days of February, in which a DAK employee violated the DAK instructions. He had offered 35 customers an "instant bonus" in the event that their termination was withdrawn. The DAK stopped this illegal behavior immediately. All DAK tariffs and bonus programs are all approved by BVA.

The DAK admits that they are currently affected by the dismissals of its members, but does not give exact figures. However, this attempt by an employee makes it clear how the DAK is doing at the moment. Only the complete abolition of the flat-rate additional contributions could possibly stop those willing to change. (sb, April 5, 2010)

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