Acupuncture effective for pregnancy depression

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Study: Acupuncture effective for pregnancy depression

American researchers have published a study according to which acupuncture is effective for pregnancy-related depression. This could make the method an unencumbering alternative to medication.
The pregnancy-related depression is a burden for the women affected, their families and the social environment. Up to 14 percent of pregnant women can report on the symptoms. Since the mother does not want to burden the child's organism with strong chemical medication, the search for harmless methods, especially in the field of naturopathy, for treating the symptoms is in full swing. Now it seems like American researchers have discovered a new option in treatment.

The scientists from the universities of Stanford, Texas, California and Arizona published their results in the journal "Obstretics and Gynecology" (March 2010 Volume 115 Issue 3 511-520 doi: 10.1097 / AOG.0b013e3181cc0816).
They took the data from 150 women with pregnancy depression for eight weeks for their study. Of the women, who were all between the 12th and 30th week, 49 of them were treated with massages or sham acupuncture and 52 of them with real acupuncture treatment. While sham acupuncture and massage showed improvements in 44.3 percent, real acupuncture treatment was in the lead with 63 percent.
The scientists led by Rachel Anber from the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University in the United States are of the opinion that acupuncture should therefore be included in the concept of treatment models of the problem in the future. In contrast to antidepressants, acupuncture is not expected to have any further serious effects on the body. (Thorsten Fischer, non-medical practitioner osteopathy, 28.02.2010)

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