Andrew Weil: Spontaneous healing

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Book reference: Andrew Weil: Spontaneous Healing

Dr. Andrew Weil is a very well-known naturopathic doctor in the USA, whose books have become bestsellers there. This book of his is about the self-healing mechanisms of humans. In the first part, Dr. Because spontaneous healing in conventional medicine is incurable and the self-healing system shows that there are self-healing powers in people. In the second and third part he goes into everyday influences on our organism and gives tips for self-help options. In the last part, he finally describes how current medicine would have to expand in order to promote these mechanisms in patients. Andrew Weil is a very experienced and well-read medical professional with a good eye for observation and interesting new ideas.

For my taste, however, his idea of ​​the way of life to activate and promote the healing powers is a little too dogmatic and threatens to impose a pattern on people through which many would fall through.

Regardless of this, his observations of the current medical conditions are extremely astute and the descriptions and ideas of the healing mechanisms in humans are very insightful and informative and therefore absolutely to be recommended. (jvs)

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  • Andrew Weil: Spontaneous healing - healing comes from within, Kopp Verlag, Rottenburg, 2014

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